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Family vineyard, formed after a long winemaking career, by the oenologist Irene Paiva. Her interest in agriculture and, especially oenology, was not by chance; it brought her back memories of her childhood in her grandfather’s vineyards and wine-cellars near Talca. All this deeply marked her thoughts and dreams about her wines.

I wines was born in 2007 with authorwines made at human scale and with numbered bottles, under ‘I Latina’ brand. After, ‘Qu’ line wines are added. The whole process of fermentation is carried out at a wine-cellar, located at short distance from the enologist-author residency. She personally supervises the complete process of wine-making until it gets to the bottle.

As a result of her dedication, all of our wines have obtained international recognition throughout the years, and her passion for high quality and innovative wine production has been demonstrated.