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I wines has its own vineyards with long-term contracts for the provision of its grapes in selected and special terroirs, this way giving unique touches and characteristics to our palette of flavors and ascents.



This small location is part of the Cachapoal Valley; here, weather conditions are very favorable for the growth of Carmenere grapevine. Peumo is characterized by a warm weather, but moderated by the fresh breezes that run through the narrow pass of the Cachapoal River and by the regulator effect of the Rapel Lake. All this makes possible a paused, long and complete growth for all of its berry grapes. Peumo is the origin of I Latina Carmenere.





Our vineyard ‘Armonia’ is located at the piedmont of the Andes at Molina, Curicó Valley. The location has a Mediterranean weather and its soils are volcanic and alluvial, influenced by fresh breezes that run across the Claro River. Here, our main red varieties – Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon – along with others used as special components for small quantities mixtures, are produced.




Our last plantation, vineyard ‘Los Carros’, is located at the south creek bed of the Teno River. Placed around our wine-cellars and offices, this terroir is characterized by its alluvial soils and warm Mediterranean weather, very influenced by cold breezes coming from the river. Here, we produce the Chardonnay variety which is the source of our ‘Qu’ and ‘Casa I’ wines, along with the Sauvignon Blanc variety that has not been put into production yet.